Cancer cells emit different metabolic waste products than normal cells. Their presence in cancer patients' exhaled breath, blood or urine is so great that they can be detected by a dog's keen sense of smell, even in the early stages of disease.
Our goal is to develop an accurate, low-cost, non-invasive general cancer screening method that finds the disease in the earliest stages when there are few or no symptoms and the cancer is still localized. When diagnosed in the early stages patients have more treatment options, cost less to treat, require less treatment, less invasive surgery, experience less pain and suffering and have significantly higher survival rates.
We are training dogs to detect the bio-chemical traces of cancer the same way other dogs are trained to detect traces of explosives or drugs.
We invite you to help us develop a new non-invasive screening method for the early detection of cancer. We would like to obtain samples of your exhaled breath using a simple non-invasive device for the purpose of training dogs to detect cancer. The collection of your exhaled breath sample and information should take only 10 minutes.
Who can participate:
You have been newly diagnosed with and have not yet begun treatment for cancer.
You would like to tested for cancer as part of a trial experiment to assess the accuracy of the dogs.